03 August 2017
Adelaide Convention Centre
Adelaide, Australia

Day 1. The Conference will have International speakers from the distilled spirits industry who will explore present and future direction of the industry and give insight and ideas to prepare for coming trends and future possibilities in the whisky and spirit markets. Presentations and discussions will be held covering topics such as marketing, production, category trends and trade.

The evening will have the Awards night for the Icons of Whisky.

Day 2. will see dedicated Seminars and workshops to fast-track education in whiskies and spirits. Break-out rooms will have topics suited to different industry sectors. Delegates will have the opportunity to select their relevant seminars and workshops.

A trade-only Expo will be held with tastings and product education featuring whiskies and spirits available in Australia and the Asia Pacific markets. Australian wholesalers will be present to take orders.

Day 3. Continuing with seminars and workshops. Seminars with important topics for delegates who sell Whiskies and Spirits. Dedicated spirit category tastings and lectures will educate and empower delegates to achieve a high level of knowledge. Experts in the fields of Gin, Rum, Mescal and Whisky will present a thorough understanding of these spirits.